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Dr. Steven S. Saliterman, Committees


Methodist Hospital Executive Committee 2004-2005

Methodist Hospital Quality Assurance Committee  2004-2005

Methodist Hospital Credentials Committee 2002-2003

Park Nicollet Research & Education Committee  1996-

Fairview Hospital Internal Medicine Committee 1994-2000

Methodist Hospital Research & Development Committee 1992-1995

PNMC Professional Education Committee 1992-1993

Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Assignment of Unattached Emergency Room Patients, Methodist Hospital 1990

Interim Medical Director, Texas Terrace Nursing Home 1990

Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Development of a Library Computer Center, Methodist Hospital 1990

Board of Directors, Medical Services Corp., Minnesota State Medical Society 1990-1991

Educational Affairs Committee, Methodist Hospital 1989-1996

Joint Committee on Communication, Hennepin County Medical Society 1988

Socio-Economic Committee, Hennepin County Medical Society  1987-1991

Board of Directors, Medical Bureau Inc., Hennepin County Medical Society 1987-1992

Strategic Planning Committee, Hennepin County Medical Society 1985

Board of Directors, Mayo Medical School Alumni Society 1978-1989

Committee on Computers, Hennepin County Medical Society 1984

Utilization Review Committee, Texas Terrace Nursing Home 1982-1992

Utilization Review Committee, Methodist Hospital 1981

Twin City Regional Science Fair Committee  1970-1972

Minnesota State Board of Education Advisory Committee: “Computers in the Classroom”
 (Youngest person ever appointed to a Minnesota State Board of Education committee at the time – age 18) 1970-1972


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